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XpresSpa is the world's largest airport spa company, committed to providing exceptional customer experiences with its innovative premium spa services, as well as exclusive luxury travel products and accessories through partnership with some of the leading cosmetics brands in the world. XpresSpa serves almost one million air travelers each year at its locations in the United States, Holland and the United Arab Emirates.

Chelsy, a very disappointed customer shares her experience, "Had such high hopes for Xpresspa because of the convenience of the airport location, but unfortunately it fell way short. I had one of the worst gel manicures I have ever had that didn't last past 2 days. Total waste of $50".


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Massage Therapist (Former Employee) says

"Company is trash manager plays favorites pay is trash no responsibility for screw ups by management management plays favorites with employees and ceo plays favorites with store locations Cons: Management money basically everything else"

Master Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"You only get a small percentage of services performed and depending what shift you work it will barely be anything. You are still expected to perform hourly duties with no hourly pay. The hardest part for me working there was the fact that I was paying to work there. Between the everyday cost of parking and paying to eat lunch because there was no breakroom to keep anything cold or to warm up anything it became expensive to work there. I barely saw my check when it came."

Nt (Former Employee) says

"Bad experience overall....... Tricked on interview w hourly pay. After signing/ small comm pay......trips between terminals without pay....cleaning duties without pay....selling merchandise without pay....Standing up without pay/Not worth it!"

Licensed Nail Technician (Former Employee) says

"and thats the fact that its in the airport. other than that its really not that great of a company. they offer tons of benefits in the interview but you never get them."

Tech (Former Employee) says

"They will chew you up and spit you out. No appreciation for hard work. Managers fake caring. You have to pay to park and it takes about 30 minutes to get to and from your car so that’s an hour of your time not paid. Commission for massage is very low and tips are just ok. Not enough money to justify paying tolls and gas and parking fee to go to work. Horrible company even worse managers!"

Cosmetologist/Nail Technician (Former Employee) says

"Spring and summer are the busy months. Coworkers are great people. Fast paste airport life. Can be good money."

Nail Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company is a joke! The new owner should really revamp their company's policies and procedures to match state regulations in all areas. This company has spa's in just about every airport, every state doesn't have the same laws for cosmo, nail tech and massage therapist."

Licensed Massage Therapist (Former Employee) says

"This place is awful, so awful. They have a new manager every 6 months or so, HORRIBLE! The staff steals from us massage therapists and cosmetologists. You are treated like a child and expected to stand all day. You go through pure harassment from tsa just to get into work all to be scolded like a child. You do not get paid unless you have a client, there is no hourly minimum. I was paid 30% per service. Please know there are better jobs out here. I will never work for a “spa again! Do not fall into this pathetic excuse of a company. They take advantage of you and do not value their employees."

Spa Concierge (Current Employee) says

"Management is the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. No empathy for their employees. Management doesn’t strive to have a teamwork environment, more of do what I say or else. Communication is only good with certain employees and there’s a lot of favoritism. Over all I would never return or recommend anyone work there. Cons: Many changes needed in management"

Massage Therapist (Former Employee) says

"It was horrible job. The manager was terrible and the business itself was just as bad. A typical day involved a lot of drama and stress! It was horrible. Cons: Literally everything else is a con."

Cosmetologist (Current Employee) says

"You are required to take foot massages and stress tension scalp massages when you are hired as a cosmetologist/ nail technician. Manager unorganized and management changes rules that doesn't fit company. When your manager tells you one thing another person will tell you different. People get hired and leave after a couple of days due to lack of leadership, rude management, missing tips, and verbal promises. Everyone deserves a new job opportunity, unfortunately, this company probably won't help you advance or help you become successful. Cons: Benefits are awful, going through security every day most likely earning you a tardy"

Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"Everyone deserves a chance, so if you want to give this company a try, do so. But give them a full try , don't do like they do ."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend anyone to work for this company. I have seen the managers lie and speak bad about employees. You can bend over backwards and there is no appreciation. Employees mean nothing but a dollar sign to them. They don't give raises to their employees. Each week there is a new rule to abide by to accommodate them. Do yourself a favor and run from this place!! Pay for parking each month."

Director Spa & Salon Operations (Former Employee) says

"No positive energy"

Associate Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company is so shady and very uncaring. They literally do not care about you and will work you to the grave as long as their quota is met. If you value your time and self worth, avoid Xpres Spa at all cost."

Concierge (Former Employee) says

"The airport is way to big i always got lost and it took forever to check in for work because of baggage claim and i never felt welcomed as a new worker the managers also had poor communication skills"

Guest Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management was shady and the pay was not worth my time and effort. Also, nail techs should not be required to perform massage services. They don't pay for parking."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is absolutely horrible. I do not recommend anyone to work for them. It’s all politics. When you don’t bother them or ask too many questions you are their best friend. The moment you ask them to do their jobs you get trashed talked about and consider a burden. Horrible management. Regional HR manager is a Joke. Super unprofessional and has no sense for confidentiality. Super immature and sarcastic, needs to be replace. Upper management only place blame on the managers and never listen only talk down to everyone. Lack of pay, never a raise. Unfair and only care for themselves. They have no sense of respect when it comes to availability and would schedule you against you’re will. Don’t do it! Stay away! Cons: Short to no breaks. Company doesn’t not respect you or your time."

Front Desk (Former Employee) says

"The Company, Management Team, and HR staff do not care about about the employees...with extremely low pay, long hours and no room for advancement is just terrible. Getting disliked employees fired due to management not being their best friends is way too common. In the Hobby Airport location the massage therapist and nail techs are cut-throat and dislike hourly employees due to them being commission. The management at this location is trash and play extreme favorites, rumors and gossip plague this location and company. This is a spa and isn't relaxing at all, don't be fooled...also fyi if the job application says employer paid parking do not believe that, they will charge you $40 for parking each month. Low pay and a negative work environment, it isn't worth the hassle. Cons: Poor Management, Gossip/Drama, Low pay, Short breaks, High turnover rate, High amount of great yet disliked employees being fired"

Massage Therapist - Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Never allowed to sit down in an 8 and 1/2 hour shift, have to receive customer, perform service and checkout you own customer. Horrible work shifts, grueling work, very low compensation. Have had to work through lunch and past my shift ending even though it was a 2 hour and 15 minute commute 1 way. Tech's so unhappy a dark cloud hovered in the spa!!! Incentives to increase volumn to managers and supervisors, but not to techs. No matter how long you work there, you will never get a raise. Nothing is tech friendly or designed to improve the quality of work and keep healthy, happy techs. Most horrible job I have ever experienced!!! Cons: Standing, low compensation, do all from receiving, servicing, and checking client out, sweep mop, laundry, sell products, sign in and out 3 ti"

Former Employee - Licensed Massage Therapist says

"I worked at XpresSpa full-time for less than a year Cons: very poor management, HR, marketing and working environment"

Former Employee - Licensed Massage Therapist says

"I worked at XpresSpa full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management leaves something to be desired"

Former Employee - Licensed Massage Therapist says

"I worked at XpresSpa full-time for more than a year Cons: When it is slow, you make no money and management team expects you to do their work for them. Pick up inventory, sort it, and count down the money. Also overly competitive line system for employees. No opportunity for advancement"

Former Employee - Graphic Designer says

"I worked at XpresSpa full-time for more than a year Cons: Company in constant flux. Poor management"

Current Employee - Licensed Massage Therapist says

"I have been working at XpresSpa part-time Cons: High turnover in management and CEO Not recognized or appreciated by CEO"

Current Employee - SPA Manager says

"I have been working at XpresSpa full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Everything else especially upper leadership"

Former Employee - Area Manager says

"I worked at XpresSpa full-time Cons: Corporate office is a hot mess. Major lack of ownership for poor business decisions that negatively impact the field, but if you say something, you lose job security and are viewed as the bad seed."


"I worked at XpresSpa Cons: Pay to park every month, no break rooms / microwaves or refrigerator, always standing, company seems to always be changing it’s “culture”, corporate team is always changing, tons of inconsistencies in HR, pay is incorrect often, not as flexible as told during job fairs / interview, sucks waiting in TSA line before you start work and taking a bus ride everyday just to get to the terminal."

Former Employee - Area Manager - Atlanta says

"I worked at XpresSpa full-time for less than a year Cons: This is hands down the single most dysfunctional company I have ever worked for. The CEO, Ed, and the Director of Spa's, Angelia, are in an ongoing feud that results in the most outlandish and inappropriate communication to the teams in the field. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the $90k Area Manager salary I was paid could not keep me around. Employees are rarely paid on time, never paid what they are promised, and worked until they eventually break/quit. This company has the highest turn over rate of any organization I have ever been a part of. Side note... I know for a fact (as I was asked to do this) that the positive reviews posted to Glassdoor are the result of upper management soliciting employees in the corporate office to write them in order to offset all of the negative posts. Seriously people, work anywhere else than here!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at XpresSpa full-time Cons: This place is not worth your time they don’t respect you at all. They treat you like you’re a kid who doesn’t know how to do anything. They don’t train you just tell you to figure it out. A lot of the employees act like children not grown adults. Management is not on your side once they don’t like you they look for any reason to get rid of you. No organization in the company, don’t pay their employees what they are worth and mess with your money, had to wait a full month just to get paid one check and still owe money. Best advice to people go work some place else not worth it unwilling to work with you and long hours"

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